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Founded in 2001, Fuchuan Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of wire and cable equipment.The new factory, Fuchen Dilong, is located in Wujingjiang Road, Kunshan. It started construction in March 2019 and covers an area of 15 acres. It is a dust-free production and assembly foundation for cable equipment.



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Fuchuan History

Fuchuan History

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Fuchuan History



In February 2001, Kunshan Fuchuan Company was founded, specializing in wire and cable equipment design, development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.


From October 2002 to October 2009, I cooperated with well-known foreign companies such as Sumitomo Japan, Xindian Group, Hewtech Electronics,Kurabe Electronics, Yasakawa Electric, Ban Dong Electric , and Wantai Group.


From February 2003 to September 2016, with Jiangtong Group, Xinhui Group, Force Group, Tony Electronics, Jiangyang Cable Group, Huasheng Group, Zhenxiong Copper Group, Dingke Group, Hanlan Group, Jiangnan Cable , Tianjin 609 cable, Zhongli Technology Group and TBEA and other well-known enterprises cooperation.


In May 2007, the FC-250B new high-speed stranding machine was successfully launched, and the minimum stranding was 7 φ0.03.


In September 2007, the series of annealing tinning machines and high-speed stranding machines entered the company of Zhenxiong, Thailand.


In October 2007, the high-speed stranding machine series entered the European market; in November 2007, the high-speed extruder series was introduced to the domestic and foreign markets.


Passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system on January 14, 2008


On July 23, 2008, our new high-speed stranding machine won several patents.


In August 2008, the FC-200B new high-speed stranding machine was successfully launched, and the minimum stranding was 7 φ0.016.


In May 2009, the FC-T12 ultra-fine wire annealing tinning machine was successfully launched with a minimum wire diameter of φ0.016.


Established Jiangsu Fuchuan Electrical and mechanical Co., Ltd. in December 2009


In April 2010, the FC-650C new high-speed stranding machine was successfully developed. The advantages of this machine are: a. The speed is high, the limit speed can reach 2400 rpm, which is 1.5 times that of the ordinary stranding machine (1600 rpm); b. It adopts PLC control and Germany's advanced hysteresis clutch and tension sensor control the tension of the wire, real-time display of the tension, high precision, avoiding the shortcomings of the magnetic powder clutch after the working time of the conventional magnetic powder clutch is long, ensuring constant tension, excellent stranding quality, and stranding High requirements for pressing lines, etc.; c. Imported excellent carbon fiber bow belt, with strong steel, not easy to deform, small vibration, light weight, small centrifugal force, etc. It is equipped with wire troughs to reduce the friction between wire and air, and the quality of conductor is more. stable.


In August 2010, the FC-800B/1000B/1250B high-speed stranding machine and twisting machine series were successfully launched.


In October 2010, the FC-TX16/TX24/TX32 ultra-fine wire annealing tinning machine series was successfully launched.


In September 2011, the FC-250D/300D/500D/650D double-head high-speed stranding machine was successfully launched, which is 30% less than two independent stranding machines.


In April 2012, the 300E/400E/500E/630E twistless twisting machine was successfully introduced. The twisted wire naturally straightened and not twisted.


Introduced ERP Information Management System in February 2013


In March 2013, we successfully launched 1+6(250)+12 and 1+6(630F)+12 one-layer layered high-speed stranding machines, mainly for BVR and high-temperature conductor lines (eg 19/0.41, 19). /0.52,19/0.64) Simultaneous delamination, the yield is 4.5 times that of the 200-type tube stranding machine


In May 2013, the company introduced national safety standardization production and successfully integrated with national standards.


In June 2014, the series of twistless cable-forming machines was successfully launched, FC-500E(3+1)/500E(6+1)/630E(3+1), for high-frequency data lines without twisting.


In July 2014, the FC-80 high-speed extruder was successfully launched. It is suitable for high-speed extrusion of low-smoke, halogen-free, PVC, PP, PE, SR-PVC, etc., mainly used for electronic wires, automotive wires, insulated wires. Extrusion operation, the advantages of this machine: working line speed 800m / min, PLC + industrial computer operation, can be stored on the machine, display, modify various parameters, as well as remote mode monitoring and debugging.


In June 2015, the world's most advanced Swedish 3D detector was introduced, and data was used to avoid errors caused by human operation.


In 2015, CCTV held a small and medium-sized enterprise support project. After careful screening, our company successfully entered the final stage. After the final selection, our promotional film was successfully broadcasted on the CCTV Discovery Tour Quality Column on July 13 and won the industry. Wide attention.


In October 2015, it successfully applied for a high-tech enterprise with more than 20 invention patents.


In February 2016, the intelligent high-speed stranding machine was successfully introduced to the market, incorporating Internet of Things technology for remote diagnosis.


In March 2016, the T20 annealing and silk production line was successfully introduced to the market. Instead of the multi-head wire drawing machine, the 630 large shaft take-up line was used to facilitate the twisting of the next process. The frequency of replacement and wiring was greatly reduced. The line efficiency is increased by more than 30%, the labor is reduced by 50%, and the operation is simpler.


In 2017, our company developed the new high-speed stranding machine FC-650C-2, which contains the following new functions: 1) Internet of Things control: multiple device information can be integrated on multiple mobile phones or computers to check the operation of the machine at any time, such as Speed, stranding specification, wire speed, output, equipment maintenance, etc., at the same time can achieve online diagnosis, and remote maintenance, etc., to achieve refined management, reduce production and maintenance costs; 2) intelligent fixed tension control system 3) German ZF magnetic Hysteresis clutch 4) Automatic oil supply system 5) Spindle temperature measuring device 6) Split type housing: The main unit is separated from the outer cover, and the equipment has lower noise, less vibration and more environmental protection.


In March 2017, the FC-T20 ultra-fine wire annealing tinning machine was successfully launched. The moving wire is taken up and the wire is wound independently. Each wire is controlled by independent wire. It is suitable for wire diameter Ф0.025~Ф0.06 alloy wire. Copper wire annealed tin


In October 2017, the FC-T60 annealing machine was successfully launched. It adopts double-layer wire-receiving structure, PLC control and touch screen operation to realize data management and control.


In February 20,2018, "a multi-head annealing and wire take-up machine" applied for the invention patent successfully, and obtained the invention patent certificate and a number of practical patent certificates.


In March 11,2018, the FC-T48 annealing (tinning) machine was successfully introduced, and the 630 large-disc wire was taken to replace the multi-head wire drawing product, which reduced the frequency of disk change, and the operation was simple, which made the process of the lower stranding wire more convenient and more efficient.


In August,2018, the new product prototype appraisal meeting of "FC-630 High-efficiency Intelligent Multi-head Annealing and Wire-retracting Machine" organized by the Economic and Information Committee of Jiangsu Province and hosted by the Kunshan Economic and Information Technology Committee was successfully held.


In October,2018, our company has low production and low temperature control of low-smoke halogen-free extruders. In order to meet the needs and development of the society, we have specially developed extruder screw and screw for this problem. The temperature control, developed a high-yield environmentally friendly low-smoke and halogen-free special 80 extruder, made the following improvements: 1) screw improvement; 2) screw barrel improvement; 3) heating section change 4) heating mode change: adopted The electromagnetic heating coil is only 15 minutes before heating. Environmental protection, the heat temperature is about 30 degrees, the efficiency is high, the screwing amount of the screw is 280KG/H. The energy saving is 30%-60%. It is the ideal low-smoke and halogen-free extrusion in China. Out of the plane.


In November,2018, the new large-capacity wire-winding annealing tinning machine series, the advantages are mainly used for the annealing of tinned copper wire, and the multi-strand copper wire is simultaneously collected on the 630 iron plate, replacing the 630 disk of the multi-head drawing machine. Large-capacity wire-receiving, simple operation, each line is equipped with wire breakage detection and automatic heating of the annealing furnace tube. The corresponding take-up wire breaks automatically stops and brakes, does not affect other wire-receiving heads; The furnace tube plus alcohol can protect the copper wire in time, avoiding the oxidation of the wire in the middle of the stop; at the same time, the machine reduces the labor intensity of the operator.


In February 2019, the company successfully developed 80+80 sets of low-smoke and halogen-free extruders. The efficiency of single unit is twice that of traditional equipment. The floor space is saved by 50%, saving 1~2 operators and being highly recognized by customers.


In June 2019, the company launched 100 high-speed extruders for PVC power cord jacket extrusion, which is more than 50% more efficient than traditional equipment. At the same time, combined with customer needs, with Internet of Things, mobile phones and computers can check the operation of the machine at any time. The take-up belt print function provides line speed, outer diameter, fault, capacity and other related information to provide accurate data for the next process.


In July,2019, the IoT-type high-speed annealing tinning machine was successfully launched, which can monitor the boot data and other information in the mobile phone or computer.