No-Twist Double Twisting Machine



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No-Twist Double Twisting Machine

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No-Twist Double Twisting Machine

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Advantages of this machine :

It is suitable for high-frequency data cable LANCABLE (CAT6 cable) without twist after twisting, so that the position of theible core wire is staggered and balanced during twisting, which overcomes the uneven twisting force during twisting, so that the high-speed Twisting quality is uniform and the pitch is high . The twistless high-speed twisting machine is designed and developed for high-speed data cable production. It combines the performance and advantages of twistless twisting and high-speed wrapping. The twistless twisting and high- Speed ​​wrapping can be operated independently or online. Especially suitable for the production of various high-speed data cables such as USB2.0, USB3.0, CATE-6e, CATE-7e, HDMI.The twistless high-speed twisting machine is composed of active pay-off, no twist twist, high-frequency spark machine, paper wrapping machine, wire take-up machine and so on.

Apply for high frequency data cable, Lan cable(cat6 cable).Non twist after double twisting, make the insulated core wire interlace uniformly, avoid the nonuniform twist force, thus make the finished wire with the uniform, precision pitch. This machine is adopted for the high speed data wire&cable(contain the USB2.0,USB3.0,CATE-6E,HDMI and other wire),combined the functions and merits of no-twist stranding machine and high speed wrapping machine. The two machine can operate separately and simultaneously.
Device structure: active pay off, no-twist stranding machine, high frequency spark tester, wrapping machine, take up and other parts
Equipment model FC-300E FC-400E FC-500E FC-630E FC-800E
Twisting usage Apply for producing the high frequency data cable, Lan cable(cat6 cable),USB2.0,USB3.0,Cate-6e,Cate-7e,HDMI and other high speed data cable.
Core wire single wire dia (mm) Φ0.5~1.5 Φ0.5~2.0 Φ1.0~4.0 Φ2.0~5.0 Φ2.0~6.0
Core wire stranding outer dia(mm) Φ1.0~3.0 Φ1.0~4.0 Φ2.0~8.0 Φ4.0~10 Φ4.0~12
Pitch(mm) 5~50 10~90 15~120 20~160 20~200
Direction of lay Optional for right or left
Pay off bobbin size(mm) Φ300*Φ30*160 Φ400*Φ56*300 Φ500*Φ56*300 Φ630*Φ56*475 Φ800*Φ80*600
Outside pay off type active pay off
Internal pay off type magnetic tension pay off active pay-off
Take up bobbin size(mm) Φ300*Φ30*160 Φ500*Φ56*375 Φ630*Φ56*475 Φ800~Φ1250
Max speed(rpm) 2500 2500 2000 1500 1000
Pay off motor power 0.75KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW
Main motor power 3.7KW 5.5KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW
Tension control type Touch screen +PLC+ magnetic powder clutch, it may ensure the constant tension from empty bobbin to full bobbin
Internal pay off 0.6kgf 1.2kgf 2.5kgf - -
Take up 2.5kgf 5kgf 5kgf YLJ132 motor YLJ132 motor
Brake mode Electromagnetic brake
Traverse type Rolling ring drive units, winding pitch and breadth are adjustable
Operation type Touchscreen operation


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